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A new book by Jennifer Aguilar, MHEd, CBFC, available on AMAZON, explores the pandemic of brain injury and disease, what is causing this in our modern landscape and what to do about it. She doesn't just offer sage advice through an evolutionary lens, but helps redefine how we think about that 3-lb gelatinous marvel inside our skull. 

You can heal your brain, you can prevent brain injury and you can avoid Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and CTE.

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Brain health determines the entire scope of our functioning.

And yet, it's the most ignored organ in the body!

From expressing who you are to enacting who you want to be - it is the key to accomplishing, being, and doing anything. Without a healthy, clear & functioning brain-organ efforts are wasted, time is lost, relationships and health suffer and generally, life is harder. Sometimes, seemingly impossible.  

Jennifer intends to change that! The Primal Brain Solution provides knowledge and common-sense action steps to enhance brain performance, avoid disease and heal brain injury.  

So who is Jennifer anyway? 

    Hi! I'm Jenni Aguilar, MHEd, CBFC

This is Jennifer Aguilar, MHEd, CBFC - Founder/Author of The Primal Brain Blog, Book & Podcast:

  • She has a BA in Infant/Human Development, her MS in Health Education and is a Certified Brain Fitness Coach (CBFC)
  • She has worked with hundreds of private clients in her career as a health educator, in addition to working with small and large groups, consulting with companies and speaking at various symposiums and conferences
  • Jennifer's experience with her son's 3 TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) was the hallmark trial that led her into this work